Social commitment



Through our past involvement in projects with a social or healthrelated component, we have established a reputation for taking our corporate social responsibility seriously. We use our human, financial and technological resources to initiate change and make communities stronger.

One area that recurs continuously in our project portfolio is health, and 2016 was no exception. One of the projects we support is called No Isolation in Norway. It is a connected healthcare start-up and has pioneered an avatar for children with long-term illnesses who are confined to home or hospital for lengthy periods. Essentially a robot, the AV1 avatar takes the child’s place in the classroom, on excursions and even at birthday parties, enabling the child to participate in everyday events when the medical condition prevents him from being physically present.

In 2016, u-blox donated 500 4G cellular modules to No Isolation.These enable the AV1 to transmit audio and video signals from any location with 4G coverage and eliminate the need to connect up the robot to a local wireless network (LAN). The avatar is completely within the child’s control and features a camera, microphone and speaker, which stream live to the child’s smartphone or tablet, allowing him to see and hear the avatar’s surroundings in real time, to talk with his own voice and to decide in which direction to look. No Isolation’s award-winning avatar helps to overcome the feeling of social isolation experienced by many sick children who are forced to stay away from school. The project demonstrates the power of u-blox’s technology to solve a long-term children’s health issue and epitomizes the company’s vision of an Internet of Things That Really Matter.